Tiny Homes

Why A kiwi Tiny Home

Tiny Homes are commonly used throughout the world, not only as a means of affordable living, but as weekenders, granny or teenage flats, art studios and more.

Need extra space? A quiet retreat? Do your adult children need their own area? Contact Kiwi Tiny Homes today.

Your Plans or Ours
Your Plans or Ours

Your Plans or Ours

We’ve all got ideas for numerous Tiny Home designs and we’ve got a variety of cost-effective plans available.  However you probably have a few ideas yourself written down that you could send through to us to contact@kiwitinyhomes.nz – we’ll take a look and advise the next steps.

Our steel framing technology is ideal for building Tiny Homes especially considering they weigh about a third of traditional timber framing.

We’ve got plans that can put your Tiny Home on a proper foundation or you could opt for a trailer option so you’ve got complete portability.  You’ll save on fuel too if going with a portable option, due to the much lighter structure.