Big decisions for a tiny house

Windows & Doors

When building a house, windows and doors are one of the most important considerations. The access, the views, the privacy. They all come down to how you glaze your home. When you embark on building a tiny house, these decisions become even more important. Each wall has to be carefully considered and no space can go to waste.

Jacson and Dominique Kluts got lucky. When building their 25sqm house in Raglan, a friend recommended they get in touch with First Windows & Doors.

“We caught up with them early in the build,” says Dominique Kluts. “They really changed the vision of the house. They were so helpful and efficient from first contact. They gave us samples, invited us to their showroom, and made some great recommendations.”

With a six-week build time, there wasn’t any time to mess around. While the team at First Windows & Doors did have a couple of changes, their expert advice really helped Jacson and Dominique make the most of their tiny Raglan house.

The originally planned bi-fold doors were quickly scrapped in favour of the existing sliding doors. These beautiful glass doors slide across the outside of the home and unlike the bi-folds don’t take up any extra space when open.

“They were also quick to suggest natural tones that fit in with the landscape, rather than the bold ones I originally wanted.” laughs Kluts.

First Windows & Doors suggested the anodised light bronze colour to complement the Raglan landscape. It catches the light at different times of day and is in turns bronze, copper and golden. It sits perfectly alongside the timber cladding and really does make the most of what Kluts calls ‘the artwork’. She is of course referring to their views across the valley.

kiwi tiny homes steel frame tiny homes in new zealand for sale design and build best price customized design blog 122
kiwi tiny homes steel frame tiny homes in new zealand for sale design and build best price customized design blog 123

Choosing the Windows

“Choosing these windows was like choosing a picture frame.” says Kluts.

It’s incredible to see how well they’ve taken advantage of the natural beauty on their doorstep. The views are so good, they’ve kept from hanging curtains or blinds in the main bedroom for 18 months.

Kluts is quick to reinforce that the curtains weren’t to retain the heat. “We love coming down here in winter, it’s so quiet. We did put a panel heater in the girls’ room but it’s so well insulated we barely needed to switch it on.

The patio door is open whenever they’re in Raglan over the warmer months and some half-louvred windows in the bedrooms let the airflow through the house.

We actually had two other windows that we wanted to put in. But they told us to save space. Instead, the bedroom windows can be left open. They’re perfect for the room and safe for the little ones.” says Kluts.

First Windows & Doors have a huge selection of windows and doors to choose from. While Kluts has said before that too much choice isn’t helpful, in this case she has a little advice. “Trust the professional. You just need to be told sometimes.

kiwi tiny homes steel frame tiny homes in new zealand for sale design and build best price customized design blog 124

Tiny Houses for You?

So have you been thinking of tiny houses? Would you like Kiwi Tiny Homes to design you a neat tiny house plan and even build it?

Whether it be to house family members close, or gain some rental income, a Kiwi Tiny Home is the perfect solution. Our architecture design team can work with you to create a wonderful ‘tiny’ home and within your budget. Talk to us today – contact us here.

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Why Kiwi Tiny Homes

Our steel which is made by Axxis® steel has been recognised by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand as a “sensitive choice”.

Our product doesn’t support the growth of mould or rot, and the stability of steel protects against cracked linings and cladding. It doesn’t emit gases or other vapours.

Steel is 70% lighter than timber and stronger in tiny homes, so this means more design capabilities.

For enquiries call or text: 027 480 6186 – if you’ve got some plan ideas, email them through our contact us page.